This year we are doing things a little differently for Varsity. This year is the 25th year of Canterbury Varsity and to celebrate we are making a change to the scoring system you will be familiar with over the past years. Don’t worry, Varsity will still be the same competitive and fun filled week it always has been, but with a little twist.

This year marks the ‘Year Of The Underdog’ and a new scoring system that reflects and rewards remarkable achievement in fixtures. Part of the fun of Varsity is that teams from different leagues can often face each other creating David v Goliath fixtures. Sometimes the team in a much lower league pulls off an upset and we feel this should be rewarded.

Below is a handy guide on how the scoring system is going to work this year. Don’t worry, we will do all the maths, so you can just sit back and enjoy Varsity like always!

Point scoring

Scoring will remain the same as always for the following fixtures:

  • 1st Team – 3 points
  • 2nd Team – 2 points
  • 3rd Team – 1 point
  • Showcase/First year – 0 points

However, this year’s change comes in the form of a bonus point.

Bonus points

Bonus points will be awarded to the ‘underdog’ if they go on to win – this will be based on each team’s respective BUCS League differential.

For example: Kent Men’s Football 2s – League 3 and CCCU Men’s Football 2s – League 2. Therefore, if Kent went on to win that fixture, they would receive a +1 Bonus Point on top of the Standard Points.

The Bonus Point will be representative of the league difference between the teams.

If the teams are equal in leagues represented or they are not BUCS leagues, no bonus points will be awarded and standard fixture points apply.

Want to see the difference between all the teams?

Take a look at fixtures where bonus points are on offer:

Rugby (Men’s)+1 CCCU
Badminton (Women’s)+1 CCCU
Volleyball (Women’s)+1 CCCU
Netball 1’s+1 CCCU
Netball 2’s+2 CCCU
Netball 3’s+2 CCCU
American Football+1 CCCU
Tennis (Men’s)+3 CCCU
Hockey 1’s (Men’s)+1 CCCU
Hockey 2’s (Men’s)+1 CCCU
Football 1’s (Men’s)+1 CCCU
Football 2’s (Men’s)+1 KENT
Football 3’s (Men’s)+3 CCCU
Football (Women’s)+1 CCCU
Lacrosse (Men’s)+1 CCCU
Lacrosse (Women’s)+1 CCCU
CCCU – Canterbury Christ Church University and KENT – University of Kent

And the winner is?…

We really hope that this will create a competitive environment this year for Varsity and may create some upsets along the way!

The winner is the University with the most points after the final fixture or until one university has a lead that cannot be caught.