Team Kent and Team Christ Church believe that Varsity is about promoting friendship, pride and passion through the celebration of sport. We have therefore set out our Varsity Values to make sure that everyone feels able and comfortable to take part in this celebration whether competing, spectating or following the action.  

  • The sporting spectacle of Canterbury Varsity was created to showcase the best of university sport within the community. All students, staff and members of the community are welcome to attend the matches, take in the atmosphere, support the players, and see the sporting talent that Canterbury has to offer.
  • Varsity is a time of community spirit in which all should be respected regardless of sexuality, age, gender class, race, disability or religion and all forms of discrimination will not be tolerated. 
  • Although Varsity is inherently competitive, participation is key to a successful Varsity. We encourage as many people as possible to participate, spectate, and follow fixtures and activities running throughout Varsity
  • Team Kent and Team Christ Church have a zero tolerance approach to abusive, threatening or intimidating behaviour against any individual whether online or in-person or before, during or after the event. This includes crude or abusive language, gestures or chants.
  • All venues have a zero tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol and you will have these seized if you attempt to bring them into any of the Varsity fixtures.
  • Event officials aim to make sure that fixtures run smoothly and safely. All attendees should comply with direction given by event officials and with event regulations set out for each fixture, including alcohol consumption and zero tolerance to drugs.
  • All participants in Varsity should conduct themselves in a competitive yet professional manner, in line with the Player Code of Conduct.

We hope that Varsity is an enjoyable event for all and may the best team win!